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Logi-Trace Suite is a solution for managing production and sales for manufacturing and processing centers food. This software has several modules that allow autonomous management of traceability and quality control. Tool to meet the requirements of certification and audits.

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Maxi-Vente is a solution that help manage sales, distribution and service. Direct store delivery.

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Maxi-Rep is a solution for sales representative on the road. It computerizes sales and distribution of products. As soon as the clients, visits, inventories, prices, banners, taxes, sales codes and suppliers are registered in the database, a multitude of functions are offered.

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Simpli-Cité is a solution that help manage parking spaces and lots.

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Manages the areas and amounts of snow removed.

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Gus / Millivolt / Anode

It is a portable tool that measures anode current. Best tool for aluminum smelters. It has been mentioned as best in its category.

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