Simpli-Cité Parking management, parking stickers
What is Simpli-Cité?

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Simpli-Cité is a solution that help manage parking spaces and lots. There are three things involved: a web page, a PC management module and a mobile application. This solution is complete: The person asks for a parking ticket via the web page. This information gets stored into the local database. The client's informations can now be pushed into the portable device (PDA) and the person in charge of the parking space can determine if the client has parking rights or not and can issue warnings and even a ticket if the client is at fault.

Some benefits:

  •    Increased administration's productivity
  •    Better efficiency for security agents in parking lot
  •    User friendly for both agents and administration
  •    Fraude reduction because licence plate numbers are unique
  •    Online paiements interface (new!)

Technical data
You can uploade the Simpli-Cité datasheet by clicking here.

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