Maxi-Vente Direct store delivery, DSD, route accounting
What is Maxi-Vente?

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Maxi-Vente is a solution that manages Direct Store Delivery (DSD) operations. It allows you to perform computerized entries, orders and invoices on the road or to take orders from clients and send the data to the central system.

Maxi-Vente has prooved itself and has been around for many years already. We have adapted ourselves to the latest technologies so that our solutions are efficient and performant.

This solution intergrates up to date technologies like: touch screen, Windows CE plateform, cellular modem, etc.  

Preorders > Loading > Orders/Billing > Inventories > Links with accounting systems (Acomba, Avantage)

  •   Solution for sales and distribution on the road (direct store delivery).
  •   Preorder and telemarketing center that build and plan the preparation of orders and loading
  •   Multi-companies
  •   Easy management of products groups
  •   Telephone follow orders
  •   Intuitive user interfaces
  •   Handheld computers that allow effective data tracking on the road
  •   Print bills on the road
  •   Multitude of reports that can be exported to Excel, Word and PDF
  •   Links with different accounting systems which eliminates data transcription errors
  •   User friendly point of sale
  •   Manage sales in different divisions
  •   Precise control of activities related to sales, inventory management and billing on the road, customers and products

We are Acomba, Avantage partners

Who is this solution meant for?

Manufacturers that both sell and distribute goods directly to point of sales (PoS) or point of consumption (PoC) including additional product and market related services such as merchandising, information gathering, or equipment service.

Maxi-Vente will help enterprises that want to:

  •   Keep track of data on the road
  •   Keep sales history
  •   Eliminate transcription errors
  •   And much more, read our documentation or ask us for more information!

Technical data
You can upload the Maxi-Vente datasheet by clicking here.

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