Logi-Trace Traceability solution, agri-food, industrial, manufacturing
What is Logi-Trace?

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Logi-Trace Suite is a solution for managing production and sales for manufacturing and processing centers food. This software has several modules that allow autonomous management of traceability and quality control. Tool to meet the requirements of certification and audits.

Modular traceability to each stage of the manufacturing process to trace the raw materials and batches corresponding content in the finished product and forward this information to the shipping and delivery without accumulation of paperwork. The production information available from a customer an invoice or a batch from a supplier.

Performs data management real-time production, quality control and management of non-compliance, including the precise management of inventories, and perfect control upon receipt, processing, to shipping by allowing a massive reduction paper documents. Balance and interface equipment. Link with ERP or accounting system, Acomba, Advantage .... Management cost (loss). Allows you to reduce the administrative burden for standards such as GFSI, HACCP, BPF, ISO 22000, FSSC 22000 et PVA. Compatible with barcodes and RFID.

Raw material reception > Introduction of raw material > Production > Orders > Shipping > Links with accounting systems (Acomba, Avantage)

  •    Manage data in real time
  •    Batch management of received products
  •    Production monitoring
  •    RFID and barcodes label module
  •    Real time control of received orders sent by mobile devices
  •    Inventories kep real time
  •    Products orders and shipments interact directly with billing and inventory
  •    Link between order entry, billing and accounting system to eliminate data transcription errors
  •    Time planner
  •    Forward and backward traceability
  •    Control Input on the floor callbacks data checkpoints, non-conformities and historical (audits) for a complete control of quality standards

Who is this solution for?

All companies wanting to improve:

  •    Production
  •    Paperwork reduction
  •    Quality control
  •    Warehouse management
  •    Control points

Giving a real time portrait of the production line.

And anyone related to the following domain

  • • Agri-Food
  • • Industrial
  • • Manufacturing
  • • Municipalities
  • • Gouvernment
Technical data
You can download the Logi-Trace document by clicking here and our other document by clicking here.

Logi-Trace: Complete traceability Agrandir    Logi-Trace: Complete traceability Agrandir


How traceability works

Extended module: Logi-Libra

Logi-Trace's extended module, Logi-Libra, allows any company to properly control labeling and weighing.

You can download the Logi-Libra document, by clicking here.
Logi-Trace: Complete traceabilityAgrandir

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