Traceability Solution Direct Store Delivery Solution used by the Quebec wild blueberries Extended Logi-Trace module: Logi-Libra Many RTA smelters use our Gus/Millivolt/Anode tool Sept-Îles Alouette Aluminum uses Gus/Millivolt/Anode
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Maestria Solutions Inc. is now responsible for all the activities of Groupe Uni-Spec.

About us Founded in 1986, le Groupe Uni-Spec is a private society that develops mobile solutions. Since its creation, many data collection solutions have been created. Our strength is the mobility of our solutions.

We offer many solutions that meet the needs of different organizations both private and public. We adapt to your environment and your equipments, we work WITH you, FOR you, which makes us partners and indispensable to the growth of your organization.

Our domain of expertise is in traceability, quality control, direct store delivery, aluminum industries, inventory management, parking management, etc. We deal with real time data management and offer solutions that will give complete control in your day to day routine.
  • Traceability solution: Production, inventory, quality control
    Logi-Trace Logi-Trace Suite is a traceability solution for managing production and sales for manufacturing and food processing centers. Modular solution that allow autonomous management of traceability and quality control ...

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  • Maxi-Vente: Sales for distribution on the road DSD
    Maxi-Vente Maxi-Vente is a software for order taking and billing on the road. This allows to automate the sale and distribution of products. Once customers, visits, inventory, pricing, banners, etc.. and suppliers are stored in the database software ...
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  • Gus / Millivolt / Anode: Aluminum smelters
    Gus/Millivolt/Anode This tool is designed for aluminum smelters - it measures anode current distribution. It helps identify quickly which anodes that picks a lot of amperage and transfer the information to the process control system...

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